Deutz D2011 L03 I


  • Model: D2011 L03 I
  • 32HP@1800RPM
  • Complete
  • Test Run
  • 1114 Hours

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Deutz F4L 1011F

Model: F4L 1011F 40KW@2600RPM CODE: C4075 2.732 Liter Complete Test Run

Deutz BF4L 2011

Model: BF4L 2011 78HP@2800RPM Code: CE58 Spec: 25006829 372 Hours Test Run

Deutz D2011l03I

Deutz D 2011 L03 I

Model: D 2011 L03 I 49HP @ 2800RPM 36.3KW Code: C3OI36.3 Spec: 25008014 1128 Hours Test Run

Deutz D 2011 L03

Deutz D 2011 L03

Model: D 2011 L03 49 HP @ 2800RPM Code: C30136,5 MFG 2019 Complete With ECM Unused Surplus

Deutz F3M 2011

Deutz F3M 2011

Model: F3M 2011 48.9HP @ 2800RPM Code: CE36.5A 12 Volt Remanufactured

Deutz F4M2011

Deutz Xchange F4M2011

Model: F4M2011 65 HP @ 2800 RPM Code: CE48.5 Less Starter And Alternator Auxiliary Pump Drive Remanufactured

Deutz D 2.9 L4 2.9 Liter Spec 25010600

Deutz D2.9 L4

Model: D 2.9 L4 Spec: 25010600 36KW @ 2600RPM 2.9 Liter MFG: 10/22 Muffler

Deutz TD2.9L4

Deutz TD 2.9 L4

Model : TD 2.9 L4 Spec: 25011580 55KW@2600RPM MFG: 11/22 Complete With Muffler

Deutz TD2011L04I

Model: TD2011L04I 76HP@2500RPM Code: C3UI56S Turbo Complete Test Run Low Hour

Deutz F3L2011

Model: F3L2011 Code CE34 34KW@2800RPM Less starter Test Run Low Hour

Deutz D2011 L03

Model: D2011L04 40HP@2300RPM CODE:C3O129,9 2.32 liter Unused Surplus Radiator

Deutz D2.9L4

Model: D 2.9 L4 49 HP @ 2600 RPM SPEC: 25010600 CODE: C4DI3,6 MFG 2018 Unused Surplus

Deutz TCD 3.6 L4

Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Code:CFXI85BU 114HP@200RPM 85 KW 3.621 Liter Unused Surplus

Deutz Xchange BF4L2011

Deutz Xchange BF4L2011 Code:CE58 Spec: 3068255 Turbocharged 78HP@2800RPM 58KW 3.10 Liter Remanufactured Complete

Deutz TCD 3.6 L4

Model: TCD 3.6 L4 121HP@2300RPM Spec: 12164438 For export only Less fan and shroud